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Temporary Exhibits:

Mohawk Trail 100th Anniversary

The Mohawk Trail 100th Anniversary is the topic of our exhibit. Partly curated by BART intern Olivia Falandes, the new exhibit presents memorabilia, souvenirs, postcards and printed materials on the history of the scenic byway. Because the Visitors Museum in Building 4 is also honoring the centennial of the official dedication of the modern highway, the NAHS exhibit emphasizes the Pageant presented over four days in June of 1914, starring a cast of over 1000 with a total of 10,000 viewers in the audience. The exhibit coincides with the actual date of the original dedication ceremony October 22.

The exhibit will be displayed starting in September in our first floor temporary gallery.

Upcoming Events:

For the 100th Anniversary of the Mohawk Trail a re-dedication ceremony will be held on Whitcomb Summit on October 4th at 1:00 shine or rain (but not snow). There will be words from dignitaries, displays, and refreshments. This program is  sponsored by the Florida Historical Committee as well as the North Adams Historical Society


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